Offering The Flexibility To Customize Solutions That Best Meet Your Needs.

It’s important to us to provide our clients the best possible results. Doing this starts with delivering products that better meet their needs. Our ability to offer unique solutions is made possible through innovation and expertise in key healthcare areas. From Pharmacy Benefit Auditing and Consulting to Healthcare Discount Solutions to Employee Benefit savings, we believe our product options are some of the best in our industry. Through our close customer relationships, we have the ability to customize solutions to help our customers achieve greater success.

340B Services


We are a national Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Audit and Consulting company that provides tailored services. We evaluate, build, manage and maximize PBM programs in a conservative, fully compliant approach. Our expert knowledge of pharmacy, business and healthcare systems provides a unique advantage in the PBM marketplace. By guiding you through the complex pharmacy benefit marketplace, we fully equip you to save on pharmacy benefit costs and maintain pharmacy benefit spend integrity.

WHAT We Do: We manage all aspects of your pharmacy benefits including employer internal optimization needs, PBM vendors, and pharmacies. Significant cost and service differences exist between PBM vendors. By allowing us to manage your program, we can provide you with a customized plan that fits your needs.

WHY Us: Our team has tremendous experience in PBM audits and pharmacy benefit consulting and can provide detailed PBM audits, and pharmacy benefit cost savings support. With our experience, we are able to deliver optimized PBM solutions including initiatives save on specialty, mail order, and overall PBM operations.

WHERE TO START: IHS provides initial PBM program evaluations at no cost. We are here to help you identify missing PBM savings opportunities, including why you are paying too much for your current PBM services.

Prescription Benefit Management


We drive employee benefit savings solutions. Our solutions are flexible, integrative, and is supported firmly on price transparency and proactive benefit cost optimization.

WHY Us: We develop and implement creative employee benefit solutions that work best for you and your members. Clients who partner with IHS receive a member-centric approach focused on increased education, engagement, adherence and improved health management.

WHAT We Do: IHS provides best-in-class, tailored, unbiased, and responsive cost minimization solutions. Additionally, our connected, dynamic business intelligence solutions consolidate and streamline the navigation through complex employee benefit offerings.

HOW We Do It: If you are missing employee benefit savings opportunities, overpaying for your current services, or want a better level of service, we are your solution. To save money on your employee benefit expenditures, we provide completely transparent evaluation tools.

Healthcare Discount Solutions


At IHS, our mission for the patient is to help them better understand their prescription and health service savings opportunities. We offer savings on medications and health services/products including dental, vision, hearing aids, and LASIK surgery.

WHAT We Do: We deliver a discount to individuals and their household members on all brand-name and generic prescription medications.

WHY Use It: We provide immediate-access hearing plan discounts and pharmacy discounts free of charge to our members.

Average savings are as follows:

  • Up to 87% on prescription drug costs
  • Up to 65% on brand-name hearing aids and supplies
  • Average 20%-50% off dental service retail rates
  • 5%-30% on vision needs including eye exams,
    glasses, contact lenses, etc
  • 40%-50% on traditional and custom surgeries

WHERE To Use It: The card is accepted at more than 67,000 pharmacies across the country with no limits on the number of times the pharmacy card can be used. MediPass membership includes dental, vision, LASIK, and telemedicine discounted plans for 3 consecutive months with no restrictions on usage.

Access to all services are available at

WHO Is Eligible: There are no age or income requirements. This program saves money for customers with or without health insurance and Medicare Part D. It also includes an option for savings on pet medication.

IHS aims to deliver a unique range of high-quality products that brings our customers greater long-term business success.